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Good Morning Music Heads . . .

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Good Morning . . .

“When what you were planning doesn’t go as you planned, it can put you on your way to something even better than you first imagined.” (R.M) | Luv

I Can’t, I Won’t . . .

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If you go into this place looking for relief. You’ll be walking out feeling worst.


David Banner: “Blacks Will Move Forward When Our Men Repair Relationship w/ Black Women

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You can always count on a good word from my brutha David Banner. David Banner joined Renada for an intellectual discussion on politics, marriage, music, the Black agenda & much more. He shares his transformation as an artist and explains why he hasn’t yet dropped his forthcoming album The God Box. A MUST WATCH!

Published on Nov 19, 2015

“Don’t let it slip through your fingers, get it” | S7NLEE

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A message to you sell outs, toms, bed wenches and coons:

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