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Submitting this trax to Chise Up Dream Team

Dec 23, 2015 by s7nlee - 0 Comments

Working on a trax to submit to my Chise Up bruthas! “When I Look N2 Your Eye’s”

About to go live on Perisope

Dec 04, 2015 by s7nlee - 0 Comments

About to fool with this one-shot sample with Maschine. Should be live around or by 5pm central time. Let’s see who’s watching.

Small Business Saturday | Deal

Nov 28, 2015 by s7nlee - 0 Comments

Small Business Saturday | Deal


Mac Millie . . . in the MaddLabb

Nov 13, 2015 by s7nlee - 0 Comments


We in the MaddLabb working on Mac’s 1st LP/album entitled, the Spirit of Excellence.
And not to brag on my production, but this could be some of my best work to date.
We doing some of everything on this project. Some real grimy hip-hop sh** and some
street banger’s for you trap heads.

Some traxx of which were slatted for MADDTRAXX V`40. And I wound up turning them
over to him for his project. This one trax called, “Slow Down Millie”. Mann! This trax would
have sold a lot of leases, Lol.

Here’s a tease of the trax below. Drool if you will . . .