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Derrick Rose . . . Salute

Thanks for the owes and ahhs Derrick Rose! Your still Chicago’s own and son. I believe your still great and will get your chance to prove that in New York. To me, now you really have the fuel to make that known and manifest. I’ll be checking for you in 2016-2017 season. The UC will be sold out on your return. I’ll be getting tickets to that game! God speed young bruth. | Luv

The Bulls Put Portland To Bed

Good day creators . . .

I hope all is well with you and yours on this new day. Late start in the MaddLabb today. A lot going on with the holidays upon us. Good game last night for my Bulls going up against Dameon Lillard and the Blazzers. Bulls pretty much had control of the game as they held the lead for the entire game. Once the Bulls pulled away, Portland would rally back within 2 or 3 at times then the Bulls would pull away again. Rose was looking good as he made his return last night. Looks like he’s seeing better these days. Hit his first 3 pointer of the season last night, plus a few mid range shots as well. Jimmy and Plumlee got into an heated exchange of words as they came to heads on the court after Plumlee hammers into Jimmy for a screen. Knocks Jimmy to the floor of which jimmy sweeps him back with a trip of his legs and sends him to the floor. Plumlee gets the flagrant foul and Jimmy receives an technical foul. After the game Jimmy said, “He cost me $2,500! I’m not happy about that. I’m going to ask him to pay me back — and I’m not playing.” It got me heated too just watching the incident. Bulls put them the bed, 93-88. Butler w/22pts 4ast 2reb, Rose w/17pts 6ast 4reb, 3Kola w/13pts 3ast 8reb, Gasol w/12pts 14reb and Gibson w/10pts 1ast 7reb

It was rough watching the game and trying to keep up with the protesting that was going on in the city over Laquan McDonald shooting. I’ll get more into that in my next post today. Just praying it all stays peaceful in the city, but for justice to prevail at the same time . . . “Today, you can be a positive force in a negative world. Today, you have the opportunity to truly make a difference.” (RM) | Luv


Bulls Fall Against Golden State

I was so ready for this game! With D. Rose out with a sprained ankle and A. Brooks with a hamstring strain. I felt like we could still get it done without them brothers. Just meant everybody had to be on their sh**. Of which everyone pretty much was. I can accept this L cause they played hard and close to the end. Hinrich had a great game along side Jimmy Buckets who was pretty much doing it all when they needed it. They stayed close with Golden State down to the last two minutes of the game.  It would’ve have been a different story if Rose had been in the game. The rematch should be another great game with us getting that W. Butler had 28pts 7ast 9reb, 3Kola w/18pts 5ast 10reb, Hinrich w/17pts 1ast 2reb, Gasol w/14pts 5ast 10reb and Noah w/7reb. Next game is Tuesday against the Portland Trail Blazers (5-9) 9PM. Bulls record now is 7-4. | #SeeRed