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Mar 27, 2017 by s7nlee - Comments Off on S7NLEE | MINOR KEYZ

Just finished working on the artwork for my upcoming new release, MINOR KEYZ. My second official Gothic Soul Entertainment release. I must say it’s coming together slowly but surely. I’ve enlisted some of Chicago best rappers and singers once again. You can count on features from Race Bannon, Vell the General, K-Luv the Poet and Mac Millie to name a few. In fact Mac Millie has the first single from the project. Titled “Ice Cream Man”, but yet has nothing to do with the ice cream man, Lol.

Preparing to start on another trax for the project, with Booda Blaou in mind. Been wanting to collab with this brutha, for a long time. I’m thinking something grimmy. HipHop of course. Hmmm, let’s see what I come up with.




Oct 25, 2016 by s7nlee - Comments Off on HAPPY BORN DAY | MAC MILLIE

Wishing you joy, happiness and laughter.

Cheers . . . mac-millie-bday_crd

Mac Millie | Persuade • Inform • Entertain

Sep 30, 2016 by s7nlee - Comments Off on Mac Millie | Persuade • Inform • Entertain


Mac Millie Is Back!

And this time around he’s back with a retail album, his first entitled Persuade • Inform • Entertain.  A monumental piece of art, this album is and it starts right from the cover art. Designed by S7NLEE with additional illustrations from Carl Reed of  XodustudiosA idea that Mac and S7NLEE came up with. That later evolved into what you see now.

The album recorded exclusively at MADDLABB Studios, in Chicago by S7NLEE.  Another reason for the sound we hear. Any artist that records at the MADDLABB will tell you. “They love the  intimacy and comfortable atmosphere of the spot.  And the sound that comes out of there.”  So you can imagine the vibe Mac had when recording his songs. He’s was right at home.

16 tracks of homegrown hiphop, soul and trap. In the past like most artists. Mac released mixtapes via internet on sites like Dat Piff. Over industry tracks and some indie producers. Some of which via Gothic Soul, but didn’t include many that S7NLEE produced. So PIE carries two milestones along with it because all of the songs are produced by S7NLEE. You probably wouldn’t have thought that, by sounds of each track. I think that’s due to Mac’s track selection for the album. He made sure to have a variety of styles, so to speak.s7nleeandlogo

So let’s get into this PIE. Opening with the “GuttA $Hit” slowed down was a great idea. Considering it goes right into the song afterwards. Mac giving you the “Initiation”as it’s titled. I was told “GuttA $Hit” was a late addition to the project. It was after S7NLEE posting the track to his beat store site, S7NLEE.COMThat ultimately caught Mac’s attention. The track is hot though. I would have wanted it for my album too, Lol. It’s definitely a great track to kick your album off with. “theDanRyan” is a laid back drive in Chicago. It’s smooth. It open’s as such with city noise and a car starting, setting the mood. “SFV” is a mid-tempo weed song. “I’m smoking on some Cali” is whats chanted in the hook. Avalla Henning joins Mac on the hook of this one. “Young Kingz” embodies the mindset of a focused mind set. The determination that a young man should have when building on his journey. I really love the melodic feel of this one. Possibly the coolest song on the album, next to “theDanRyan”.

macmbdcp_pfpic“Sauce” the lead single. This high energy song starts off with dialog from an interview with Gucci. As he breaks down the importance of having the sauce and how you have to inquire the sauce. “You can’t be born with it”, Lol. As Gucci states. It’s definitely single worthy and should surely create a buzz for it self. “Moves” keeps thing’s moving along with it’s uptempo pace and anthem hook. Club worthy this song is, as Yoda would say. Speaking of anthem’s. This next one is sure to be the smokers and 420 celebrators anthem. “Get 2 Dabbin'”  has this rock song sort of vibe to it. The energy that builds up in each verse as you anticipate the arrival of the hook is dope. I love this song. I hope he plans on doing visuals for it.

“Numb” is a special. It’s a commercial song, but it still pokes at your emotion. A song for the times is how I label this one. Touching on a few subjects that’s felt through out the country. I wonder how this song came about? Was it the track or did Mac just feel it one day and wrote the song. Nice. Here’s your warning. As Mac let’s you know that you need to “Watch Em”. This one is about haters and your friends for that matter.

I wasn’t planning on speaking on all the songs, but I’ve listened to this album quite a bit. So I’m a little compelled to. “Runnin” is another one of them gems. S7NLEE lets you know at jump when you hear the woman say his name. He wanted everyone to know he did this track. You hear more of a conscious side of Mac Millie on this song. As you hear Gil Scott Heron say, “Black people are running for their lives” in the hook. With that said, you already know the subject of this piece. “Out Here” carry’s in the first feature on the album as Trey Dilla 1506642_1602098463403594_1507880678438505080_njoins Mac on this melodic escapade.  “Hands Down” is another highlight to the album. The beautiful K love the Poet 13567365_10154399652966180_2161805595989445965_n shares her special ability on this one. If you don’t know about this woman. here’s your introduction into her “good vibes only” space.


“Taught 2Fight” is a haunting groove. It open with Korryn Gaine speaking to her son. Telling him not to cry and don’t be afraid of the police. In Mac’s first verse, he says “imagine next mothers day and how they did her”. “Or continue to sip your tea.” As to say, wake up community. Powerful song and a great way to end the album. Like back to reality, story over. The album also features Popichil`O on “CTC”. Longtime friend of S7NLEE. The album is pretty much available worldwide digitally. Through these popular stores: iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music,  Spotify, Google Play, Bandcamp, Gracenote, Shazam and Target Music. Also available at Gothic Soul Entertainment website at a discount price.

A solid listen from beginning to end. Mac really made a dope independent album. Young artist coming up, take note. – Chris Turner

Mac Millie | Persuade•Inform•Entertain

Sep 22, 2016 by s7nlee - Comments Off on Mac Millie | Persuade•Inform•Entertain

The Dessert Is Here!

Gothic Soul Recording artist Mac Millie @tmacmillie is back with his first retail album with all original music production: Persuade • Inform • Entertain.

As hip hop has taken it’s course, with it’s valleys and peaks. Mac has managed to stay consistent and has carved out his own lane. With the first single “Sauce”, already in rotation on a few music streaming sites. This album is well on it’s way to greatness. Sticking true to the title, Mac attempts to either Persuade, Inform, or Entertain in each of the 16 tracks. Epic songs like “Taught 2 Fight”, “Numb”, and “Running” are all meant to Inform. Then you get into songs like “Sfv” or “Get 2 Dabbin” and you can’t help but bounce to them, because they were made to Entertain.

Once you hear “Hands Down” featuring K love the Poet @klovethepoet and a perfectly placed Sade sample implemented by S7NLEE . . . One would easily be Persuaded to adopt those concepts from that jewel of a song. All music production is composed & produced by in house producer S7NLEE of MADDMANN-PRODUCTIONZ. All in all, this album from Mr. Millie looks to be one that you don’t want to snooze on. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Tidal, Gracenote, Shazam, Target Music and Gothic Soul Entertainment website.


All Songs Composed & Produced by: S7NLEE
Executive Producers: Terrance McCants and M Lee Jones

Mac Millie | Persuade • Inform • Entertain | Coming Soon

Sep 04, 2016 by s7nlee - Comments Off on Mac Millie | Persuade • Inform • Entertain | Coming Soon


S7NLEE just finalized the cover art for Mac Millie’s new GS release: Persuade • Inform • Entertain (PIE)

Cover unveiling this week. Projected release date for PIE, September 19th.
With contributions from Kendria K Love Harris and Trey Dilla
All production by: S7NLEE for MADDMANN-Productionz/GS Entertainment
Executive Producers: Terrance McCants and M Lee Jones

Chalke Chalk, Coke Walk

Aug 01, 2016 by s7nlee - Comments Off on Chalke Chalk, Coke Walk

Moments in time can be very special sometimes. Like this moment outside Subterranean night club. S7NLEE just finishing up a video shoot for client Emery Jones. With his crew Mac Millie and Fitzptheo giving him a hand. When they suddenly get a approach by a homeless man. Of which will call, Chalke Chalk. Watch the video, the rest is history.

Mac Millie | PIE (Persuade • Inform • Entertain)

Aug 01, 2016 by s7nlee - Comments Off on Mac Millie | PIE (Persuade • Inform • Entertain)

After many months of back to back recordings. Countless hours of meetings, composing traxx, writing sessions and sitting through hours of back and forth listening of song after song. These two right here have come up with the final makings of Mac Millie’s new project, PIE (Persuade, Inform, Entertain). A 14 song masterpiece in their eye’s and mind. And it is special!

No date has been set as of yet. But you can possibly see it moving around late September/October. Still many things to be done with PIE. It will actually be Mac’s first all original music project. No covers or beat jacking on this piece. Solely composed & produced by MADDMANN-PRODUCTIONZ and Gothic Soul Entertainment in house producer, S7NLEE.  I won’t mention the features now.

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