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HBD J Dilla | S7NLEE Tribute Trax

Feb 07, 2017 by s7nlee - Comments Off on HBD J Dilla | S7NLEE Tribute Trax

HAPPY 😊 BIRTHDAY TO the ONE and ONLY,  KING OF BEATS: J DILLA , James Yancy! Never forgotten, your legend lives for ever. Listen to my Dilla #MADDTRAXX Tribute now.  @officialjdilla | #foreverdilla #dilladog #jaydee #detroitsson #detroitsound #donuts🍩 #slumvillage #tribecalledquest #bustarhymes #production #erykahbadu #common #frankanddank #delasoul #5elementz #pharcyde #madskillz #nativesofdaundergroundunderground #proof #brandnewheavies #heavyd #theRoots #d12 #guru #dangelo #phatcat #bilal #lucypearl #beats


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Happy New Year  . . . 2016 Is Here!

So bottom line, lets get it! Choose your team, plan your attack, set your date, and make it so. Let’s GO!

Got some new studio deals and trax specials coming up. Stay in tuned right here in the blog. I’m currently working on Mac Millie’s first album: the Spirit of Excellence. And it’s moving accordingly, very well. Also cooking up a new project with Chise Up. Just finished a second trax tonight for it called, “I Don’t Giv A Fck”. I already know it’s gonna be dope! Wait to you hear the the first trax I made. “When I Look In Your Eye’s”, we were all vibing to it the other night at a Mac Millie shoot. I heard a little bit of Mac’s verse for it. He had a nice flow he was experimenting with.

Eventually I’m gonna get started on a new project my self. Might come back with the Krakin’ II.  Anyways, check back here tomorrow. Gonna be posting a new discount code on traxx. Could give one away, you never know. | S7NLEE


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Earlier in the MaddLabb w/Mac Millie

Dec 18, 2015 by s7nlee - 0 Comments

New Trax! | “When I’m Down On Luck”

Dec 09, 2015 by s7nlee - 0 Comments

New Trax posted in the beat store. Created this piece yesterday. Once I tapped on the drums it came to me. Be the first to lace it up with your lyric’s today! $20 lease license for distribution up to 2,500 copies royalty free.

In the MADDLABB Grinding . . .

Dec 05, 2015 by s7nlee - 0 Comments

Got a lot to get done today! Check me out recording to Mac Millie’s new joint, “theMillieShow”.

Race Bannon | Race Tracks Moto X

Dec 02, 2015 by s7nlee - 0 Comments

My homie Race Bannon of Primeridian. Last Year, Race exposed us to the fact that he dabbles in production with his 14 track beattape sampler called N.A.S.C.A.R. (Race Tracks). Here is the follow-up to N.A.S.C.A.R.(Race Tracks) entitled Race Tracks Moto X, an 11 track sampler of some of Race’s recent production. Start your engines and enjoy the beattape or the videobeattape.


Race Tracks Moto X from Race Bannon on Vimeo.

Good Morning . . .

Nov 20, 2015 by s7nlee - 0 Comments

About to get started in the MaddLabb. Promote the site real quick and start on a new trax. They say we getting over 12 inches in snow this afternoon in Chicago. Yuck! Been listening to Logic as of late. Not bad kid, an actually a pretty well put together album. I haven’t heard one of those in a while. Besides a Big Sean album. Shout out to No-ID at Def Jam. He was brought to my attention because C-Sick did production on there. That “Never Been” & “Run That”. I didn’t know dude was from Chicago. Ok, time to make the donuts . . . “If there was no price to pay, there would be nothing to buy. If there was no effort required, there would be no achievement possible.” (RM) | Luv


Logic | “Never Been” | The Incredible True Story | Produced by: C-Sick