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Chise Up feat. Classic | “Freedom” & “In the Wind” | Video

Here’s some #new #ChiseUp for ya’. This one is a double Classic special. From the Gruesome2some project: “Freedom” & “In the Wind”  video | SHOT BY CHI RIO / PROCESS PROGRESS FILMS




My Chise Up brothers back with some more head knock with their latest installment, “the Gruesome 2some Project”. Hosted by DJ MH2DA. Currently listening to #7 “Motto” right now and this joint is pretty official. Produced by E. Jilla. It’s April fools day, but it ain’t no fooling around on this mixtape. Straight hip-hop traxx laced with that Chicago lingo that we all know and love. My favorite joints might be “Potent”  & “LSD”.  Daws & Classic make a great duo on this project as they move around the Go-ILL in every other verse giving you the city visual through the music. That “Lottory Pick” (remix) tho! The verses on that joint, FIRE! Add this mixtape to your playlist this weekend.

Go download now via link from Dat Piff.


New Project in the Works: the League Of Extraordinary G’s | LXG

Get ready Chise Up & Gothic Soul fans! It’s official and we’re already 2 songs in!

Gothic Soul Entertainment . . . presents . . . Chise Up as, the League Of Extraordinary G’s. The forth coming album project from Chise Up. Totally composed and produced by yours truly, S7NLEE. I’ve been spending a lot of time on this project thus far and once you hear some of the material, you’ll hear why. So let me hip you to the group Chise Up. Once a trio back in 2013. Consisting of: Daws Lotto, Cognac Classic and Soze. In late 2014 they inducted long time friend and MC Mac Millie of Gothic Soul Entertainment into the fold. Doing songs together here and there. Once they recorded a nice assortment of songs together they then began to perform together. Chise Up already had a nice following of fans locally in Chicago and Mac Millie was then gearing up for his 3rd mixtape, P.E.D.S. So he was still new to the masses.

11922940_10153494175911280_4439096917233768877_o I believe I first met the group when they came to the MaddLabb to record the song, “Who Can I Trust” for the P.E.D.S. mixtape. Later we shot a music video for it of which I directed as well. I think we had a ball shooting it. Or at least I did. Even tho it was a long process due to schedule constraints.  Creative wise, I have some nice idea’s for this up coming project. You can get a sense of that peeping the visuals of the Instagram teaser below. It’s definitely gonna be epic. In fact, the masses will bow to it.

Chise Up is performing next week at the Velvet Lounge. To help DJ MH2Da celebrate his 10 year anniversary as a DJ in Chicago. Chise Up will be performing that night and their planning on performing the first song we recorded for LXG. The song is called, “I Don’t Giv A Fck”. I know I’m excited, to say the least. I luv that joint already and it is no where near mixed or even done for that matter.

“Omnipotence & Immortality, great powers. One is greater than any man can imagine.”


Come check out the show and the performances next Saturday the 30th and be entertained by Chicago’s own. I’ll be in attendance that night getting my video on, Lol. LXG is to be released on 4/20. With the first single to be leaked in February.

Be prepared to bow . . . Lol S7NLEE

Working on the artwork for LXG | Chise Up


Premiering the Instagram teaser tonight. Follow me on Instagram :  S7NLEE

2nd Trax for the Chise Up Project

Been cooking this trax up for the last few days. Actually got started on it back on 30th of December. Finished it tonight.


Happy New Year  . . . 2016 Is Here!

So bottom line, lets get it! Choose your team, plan your attack, set your date, and make it so. Let’s GO!

Got some new studio deals and trax specials coming up. Stay in tuned right here in the blog. I’m currently working on Mac Millie’s first album: the Spirit of Excellence. And it’s moving accordingly, very well. Also cooking up a new project with Chise Up. Just finished a second trax tonight for it called, “I Don’t Giv A Fck”. I already know it’s gonna be dope! Wait to you hear the the first trax I made. “When I Look In Your Eye’s”, we were all vibing to it the other night at a Mac Millie shoot. I heard a little bit of Mac’s verse for it. He had a nice flow he was experimenting with.

Eventually I’m gonna get started on a new project my self. Might come back with the Krakin’ II.  Anyways, check back here tomorrow. Gonna be posting a new discount code on traxx. Could give one away, you never know. | S7NLEE


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Submitting this trax to Chise Up Dream Team

Working on a trax to submit to my Chise Up bruthas! “When I Look N2 Your Eye’s”