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Dec 05, 2015 by s7nlee - 0 Comments

Curren$y back with his latest addition to hip-hop, Canal Street Confidential. I don’t think Curren$y has ever let his fans down. His trax selection is always precise and perfect for the songs he comes up with to them. The kush could probably take some sort of credit too, Lol. I was listening to it last night with Mac. I was saying that it’s interesting how he chooses his traxx. Cause it’s actually very critical. For someone who rocks over a bunch off laid back joints, your selection has to be on point. These days when you trying to keep the attention of your listener you really have to be entertaining. “Drive By” feat. Future is probably the fastest tempo I’ve ever heard Curren$y rap over. The first feature and the first song on the album. It has a nice bounce to it.

My first favorite is, “What’s Up” (feat. K CAMP). The trax is killer. Melodic and smooth, with Curren$y spitting lines like: “Back of the spot smoked out, that’s how you find me Weed clouds around me, bad bitch on side’a me Say she wearing shades so she can watch her nigga shining”. “Winning” (feat. Wiz Khalifa) is my next fav. Everyone can relate to this joint. “Some niggas just hate to see you winning, winning, winning. Some niggas can’t take to see you get it, get it, get it”. “Cruzin…” gets 5 stars from me! This joint is so dope. Real old skol feel to it. I hate it’s only 2 minutes. The most player shit on the piece is: “Superstar” (feat. Ty Dolla $ign). Ty Dolla $ign is doing his thang but I can’t stand the line he uses in it. “Girl you know I can’t be your man so I’ll just be your nigga”. Come on dude, really! I need mature lyrics from singers. Unless your a comedian/singer. If you enjoy Curren$y, this joint is a must have. If you lucky, click on this link to download it. If it’s not burnt up yet. | S7NLEE

Canal Street Confidential (Deluxe)

Artist: Curren$y
Album: Canal Street Confidential (Deluxe)
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap, Music
Original Release Date: 2015

Track Listing:

1. Drive By (feat. Future)
2. Everywhere
3. How High (feat. Lloyd)
4. Speed
5. What’s Up (feat. K CAMP)
6. Winning (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
7. Bottom of the Bottle (feat. August Alsina & Lil Wayne)
8. Cruzin…
9. Superstar (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
10. Boulders
11. All Wit My Hands
12. The Game (Bonus Track)
13. Str8 (feat. Corner Boy P & Fiend) [Bonus Track]


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