17 Productionz

17 Recordings was my first attempt at a record label. Operating between the years of 1993-1998. 22258_1289979843567_7858913_nConsisting of a variety of artists of which I produced within that period of time.  I prepared this page for the archives from those days. As I come across the old materials going through the crates and boxes in my office I will post them all here. After remastering most of the music. The archives will consist of groups and artists like, Low Lyfe Platoon, No Gud, Blindside, Isa Starr and etc.

Da Platinum Series

The first full album I completed. Most of this music was recorded in between the time period listed above. But I didn’t complete my first printed cd master of it until April 27, 2000. Featuring a variety of artists out of Chicago that I had the pleasure of producing. J Ivy, Mirage, CD aka Popichil`O, No Gud, Isometric aka Burgandi Cashmere, Low Lyfe Platoon (No Gud, Blood Da Smoka, ANT the Rebel, Carboe Luv, Popichil`O), A Jax, Fonta Falls aka Isa Starr, Armon’i, Reflx, Blood Da Smoka and J Lo aka J-Lyn.


Composed & Produced by: S7NLEE for 17Productionz/Recordings
Executive Producer: M. Lee Jones
Associate Executive Producer: Jahar “Gruj 1” Glover


1. “EXISTENCE” (feat J Ivy & Mirage)

2. “WE GO’2 WAR” (feat PopichilO)

3. “VERSATILE ENT” [interlude] (feat Big Mike)


5. “911” (feat Isometric & PopichilO)

6. “THA BLESSING” [interlude] (feat PopichilO)

7. “CON-VO-SATE” (feat Reflx)

8. “WHO I BE” (feat Low Lyfe Platoon)

9. “ISO’LUDE” [interlude] (feat Isometric)

10. “U AIN’T A KILLER” (feat Ajax & PopichilO)

11. “DREAMS OF A SOLDIER” (feat Fonta Falls aka Isa Starr, Isometric & S7NLEE)

12. “WAITING” (feat Armon’i)

13. “COMING SOON” (feat Reflx & S7NLEE)

14. “MYSTERIOUS ONE’S” (feat Isometric)

15. “THA REFLX” [Interlude] (feat Reflx)

16. “SMOK’HER” (feat Blood Da Smoka & J Lo aka J-Lyn)

17. “EVERYTHING” (feat PopichilO)