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S7NLEE | Guitar Solo on “Young Kings”

A sneak peek at S7NLEE working on Mac Millie’s “Young Kings” song. Off his upcoming project PIE (PERSUADE • INFORM • ENTERTAIN)

In the MADDLABB Making “Stupid”

When I was making the new MaddTraxx, “Stupid”.

$20hr Weekend At theMADDLABB


Sitting Here Rending Sfx Footage

Rending Sfx footage for the new CHISE UP – LXG promo, for Instagram and alike. The debut  single “IDGAF” is to be release this Wednesday 4/20 via &

Mac Millie Giving You His Cover of the “Cut It” song by: O.T. Genasis

Mac Millie is back with visuals for his “Cut It” cover by O.T. GenasisI shot the visuals for this piece. I gotta say the alley behind my house has the right midnight look, Lol. It’s probably my third time shooting footage back there. Image6  Mac wanted to play this one close to the MaddLabb Studios. So we got up one late night and shot the footage. Check it out and share it for a brutha. | S7NLEE

2nd Trax for the Chise Up Project

Been cooking this trax up for the last few days. Actually got started on it back on 30th of December. Finished it tonight.


Happy New Year  . . . 2016 Is Here!

So bottom line, lets get it! Choose your team, plan your attack, set your date, and make it so. Let’s GO!

Got some new studio deals and trax specials coming up. Stay in tuned right here in the blog. I’m currently working on Mac Millie’s first album: the Spirit of Excellence. And it’s moving accordingly, very well. Also cooking up a new project with Chise Up. Just finished a second trax tonight for it called, “I Don’t Giv A Fck”. I already know it’s gonna be dope! Wait to you hear the the first trax I made. “When I Look In Your Eye’s”, we were all vibing to it the other night at a Mac Millie shoot. I heard a little bit of Mac’s verse for it. He had a nice flow he was experimenting with.

Eventually I’m gonna get started on a new project my self. Might come back with the Krakin’ II.  Anyways, check back here tomorrow. Gonna be posting a new discount code on traxx. Could give one away, you never know. | S7NLEE


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