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Body Paint Artist, EA7160

The new music video from Gothic Soul Entertainment recording artist, Mac Millie. “BLACKisBEAUTIFUL”, Produced & Directed by yours truly. Mac kicked off the theme for this venture. I believe it all fell in line once he heard the music. The track came about under an hour. I can’t say anything, in particular, inspired it. Just one of those afternoon’s after Ubering, Lol. I will say this tho, the song was meant to be, for whatever reason. Everything just fell into place for it. Mac had the idea of inrolling body paint artist, EA7160 aka Tarynn Jackson. To paint on a couple of beauty queens. Allie Lyke and Afrika were the canvases/models. The unique thing about EA7160 painting. She usually paints under a black light using a fluorescent paint. Which to me takes it to another level. Makes it all more interesting and entertaining to the eye. Her drawings as well have a distinctly charismatic signature. Often reminds me of the hieroglyphics in Egypt. A place I’m very fond of and want to visit one day.

Mac Millie

Mac Millie In “BLACKisBEAUTIFUL” video.

Once Mac told me about the body painting, my mind went to work on ideas immediately. Mac started shooting over different pieces of footage to use in the video. Black Panther videos with Kathleen Cleaver . In the background of her interview. You can hear a group of ladies singing. “Black is Beautiful”, is what their chanting. I’m thinking to my self, that would be perfect for the hook. At this time the song wasn’t even completed and the break in between the hook & 2nd verse was blank. Then on another day, I get a Facebook message from my cousin, Vanessa Eason-Horton. Sending me a link to Smokey Robinson reciting a poem on Def Poetry Jam titled “I Love Being Black”. Along with the link she said,

You gotta listen to Smokey… Make this go viral. Everyone in the World needs to 👂 hear this!!! Listen carefully than pass it on!!! !!! 1LOVE!💗
Once I saw it and felt the power of his words as he spoke them, I was moved . . . you know the rest.

Another model joined in shortly after. The beautiful DopeGirlOnMySpace. For the moonlight and the bamboo scenes. We had a lot of fun putting this together. Not as much fun I had to edit it. Lol, You can watch it below here or at Gothic Soul Entertainment website. Song available on iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Audio Mack and more. If you like the video let us know and pass it on.

Perofrmed By Mac Millie • Song composed and produced by S7NLEE of Gothic Soul Entertainment. • Body Painting By EA7160 • Featured Models: Allie Lyke, Afrika, and Brandy Executive Producers: Terrance McCants and M L Jones Produced by: MADDMANN-PRODUCTIONZ


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Chalke Chalk, Coke Walk

Moments in time can be very special sometimes. Like this moment outside Subterranean night club. S7NLEE just finishing up a video shoot for client Emery Jones. With his crew Mac Millie and Fitzptheo giving him a hand. When they suddenly get a approach by a homeless man. Of which will call, Chalke Chalk. Watch the video, the rest is history.


In Arizona trying to stay cool. Gonna take a trip to Sadona today. Should be a little cooler than Arizona they say, Lol. Our last full day of site seeing and visiting.

No New MaddTraxx Today

Greetings music heads! No new trax today. Sorry. On family vacation right now. But there will be two new Maddtraxx  come next Friday 7/15/16. | #s7nlee


HAPPY 4TH OF JULY . . . Family & Friends! Have a family filled day as we celebrate Independence Day. Play it safe, but have fun. | Luv

New MADDTRAXX V`42 Posted: “Castle GreysKull”

Just posted the new Maddtrax from MADDTRAXX V`42, “Castle GreysKull”. This joint has a Schoolboy Q feel to it. Scoop this one up today and be the first to rock over it for your next project! You can also download the free tagged version at SoundCloud.


Happy Birthday 2Pac | 45th