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TREY DILLA, Done In Love & Loyalty Always

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The GREAT New Album from TREY DILLA: DONE IN LOVE & LOYALTY ALWAYS14 joints carefully curated by the King’s Trey Dilla and S7NLEE. Featuring incredible voices from Chicago’s elite. MAC MILLIE of Gothic Soul Entertainment and KGN SVN unite with Trey on “Dreams, Schemes & Visions”. Injected with potent bars, catchy phrasing, and insight on living in Chicago streets.

Soul singer DVID X croons on the Pac & Biggie celebrated song, “Press Play”. A must-listen for the Pac & Biggie fans. Learn who Trey Dilla is when he gives you a glimpse into his life on the lead single, “Look Up”. Video “Two Oh, Two Oh” is a thought-provoking gem. To wrap up what we have endured inside of 2020 thus far is well expressed in this song. And actually my favorite song off Done In Love & Loyalty Always.

All song’s composed & produced by yours truly and had fun doing so. Available on all platforms. Support the King Trey Dilla . . .



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GREAT to see another day with you guys, the living.

Still carrying the torch and pushing ahead. This year has been hell and beyond weird to say the lease. but this year has been a very interesting one. I’ve learned and taught my self some things this year.  One of the things learned this year by way of the universe was, “get out of your own way”.

Listen to one of my songs today. Whether it’s mine or a song I produced. Listen to some S7NLEE on my b-day.

Thanx and Luv


Trey Dilla – Look Up Dir By S7NLEE

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Fresh out the Maddlabb Studios! New visuals from Trey Dilla

Not only did I shoot the video, but I composed & produced his new album, Done In Love & Loyalty, as well. Trey has been rocking with me for some years now. And has become more than just a client of mine. Trusting me with his visuals for “Look Up”, was a pleasure. Get in tune with this King. He has a GREAT album on the way.


TREY DILLA – Twitter

New Music From Gothic Soul – MAC MILLIE

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If you didn’t know by now, Gothic Soul Entertainment is my recording label. Consisting of my self, MAC MILLIE, DVID X, FITZPTHEO, and the LATE HUGO J THE RAPPER. We getting ready to release a new mixtape from MAC. 10 PACES & SPIN, all production by yours truly. With features from, FITZPTHEO, EASY O`HARE, COGNAC CLASSIC, DAWS LOTTO, and KGN SVN.

I just finished mixing and mastering “Deviance Nside theBrain” (ft FITZPTHEO & S7NLEE). One of the songs from the tape. Check it out here exclusively before it’s released. As always . . . let me know what you think. Comments excepted. Lol

New MaddTraxx | V`53

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Finally starting to upload the new maddtraxx to the beat store. Was delayed due to some issues involving the new WordPress and one of my plugins. Just posted the first two.

BREONNA TAYLOR is No Longer Trending

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New Heat #maddtraxx

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”Symphony Strings”

Hilton Employee Harasses Black Mom & Kids

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Now a Hilton employee is racially profiling a black mom with her kids while at the pool. Calls police and everything.

NYPD retreats as crowd throws bottles in Harlem. Police union says elected leaders ‘surrendering the city’

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NEW YORK – Video taken in Harlem on Sunday morning shows NYPD officers retreating as a crowd yells and throws bottles at their vehicles, prompting police unions to slam city leaders for “surrendering our city.”
Police were responding to a report of shots fired at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and 132nd Street around 3:45 a.m. when dozens of people confronted them, according to the Daily News.

The crowd began jeering at the officers and throwing objects, including bottles, the five-minute video posted to Instagram shows.

The NYPD vehicles eventually backed up and started leaving as some people began running after them down the street.

NYPD unions responded to the video, with the Police Benevolent Association tweeting: “This is what a ‘light touch’ looks like: Police officers responding to a shots fired job in Harlem last night were met with this. Mayor Bill de Blasio, Council Speaker Corey Johnson and company should be held responsible for surrendering our city.”

Sergeants Benevolent Association also responded to the video, tweeting: “To all our friends in law enforcement both outside & in the USA. DO NOT visit NYC & DO NOT encourage friends & family to visit. The city is dangerous thanks to our elected officials see for yourself.”


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Started the mixing process last night for Mac’s new project, Pink Mist. I always speak highly on each release I know. But this time around. We’re putting more detail and focusing on the marketing.

This is a milestone for Gothic Soul. We never put this sort of detail in our branding. My son Christian Jones created the cover art for Pink Mist. Once you glance at it. It demands your attention and sparks ⚡️ the curiosity from the viewer.


Once you hear 👂🏾 the bars MAC delivers in each song. Quickly the meaning behind the cover becomes defined. #pinkmist