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“Apollonia” Has Arrived! | New MADDTRAXX

Mac Millie Fexin’ on “Wet” Maddtraxx

Y’all better catch up! Mac Millie jumping on these #MADDTRAXX!

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New Trax! | “When I’m Down On Luck”

New Trax posted in the beat store. Created this piece yesterday. Once I tapped on the drums it came to me. Be the first to lace it up with your lyric’s today! $20 lease license for distribution up to 2,500 copies royalty free.

Cyber Monday Sale

Buy one of my traxx, non-exclusive or exclusive and choose another one for free! Today only. Sale over at midnight.

Good Morning . . .

About to get started in the MaddLabb. Promote the site real quick and start on a new trax. They say we getting over 12 inches in snow this afternoon in Chicago. Yuck! Been listening to Logic as of late. Not bad kid, an actually a pretty well put together album. I haven’t heard one of those in a while. Besides a Big Sean album. Shout out to No-ID at Def Jam. He was brought to my attention because C-Sick did production on there. That “Never Been” & “Run That”. I didn’t know dude was from Chicago. Ok, time to make the donuts . . . “If there was no price to pay, there would be nothing to buy. If there was no effort required, there would be no achievement possible.” (RM) | Luv


Logic | “Never Been” | The Incredible True Story | Produced by: C-Sick