“Chi-Nights” | By Isometric

May 01, 2020 by admin - 0 Comments

We use to ride around Chicago listening 👂🏾to our own music. My black Honda aka “Blackie” was my ride and the test vehicle for all music that I made. @iamroyalejones @gruj_one. Was also the time machine between the city and Darian. Where I lived with my aunt. Inside their basement is where I had my labb (studio) set up. Another story for another time.

I always thought this song was before it’s time. I produced it over 22 years ago. Under the name 17 Recordings at the time.  😳 Featuring Isometric aka Burgundi Cashimer@t.k._iv My pedigree runs deep . . . 17Recordings aka Gothic Soul Entertainment

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