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Meet the new addition to the Gothic Soul Family, CRYSTAL LA’JUENE.

A Chicago Queen with roots deeply rooted in the city’s south side music culture.

This multi-talented Chicago power singer and, hip-hop artist is skillfully packed with a pro-woman stance adding lip gross to Go-Ill’s hip-hop scene. The messages are always portrayed in her music. She speaks of love, trials, tribulations, and social commentary. She writes, sings, and is an excellent lyricist. Currently featured on Fitzptheo’s latest single, “CRUSH”. Produced by S7NLEE.




Her sound has soul and substance, able to reach all types of people of all ages. S7NLEE and CRYSTAL have been diligently creating new music for her catalog. Her first single, “LIFE GOES ON”. Is due out this May. A tribute to a very close friend of her’s who passed away early this year. As artists, we share a lot of ourselves with the public. Which makes her vulnerable and relatable to her listeners.

Step into CRYSTAL LA’JUENE’S “Green Members Only” world. Definitely, an ingredient the game has been missing . . . and the best has yet to come.

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