Good Morning Creators

Nov 24, 2015 by s7nlee - 0 Comments

Time to get it cracking in theMaddLabb. Hey! Started a new promotion yesterday. 5% off any traxx in the MaddTrax store. The code is [monumental010]. This code is only good until November 27th. Also, the exclusive traxx will only be at the price of $150 until December 1st. Then they will be well over $300 and their prices won’t be listed. You will have to contact me to inquire. DON’T FORGET! About to create a new trax. Mac Millie falling through for our meeting. Getting the plans together for next years Gothic Soul Entertainment push. His first album is shaping up very nicely. The Spirit of Excellence is what it is titled. And right now it embodies that phase and we only about 7 or 8 songs in. Have a productive day family . . . “Things are never perfect, but is that any reason to be less than the best you can be?” (RM) | Luv

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