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New Music From Ms. Badu Feat. Party Next Door | “Come And See Badu”

Erykah Badu is back with a cover/remake/remix of Drake & Party Next Door’s “Come and See Me”.  She gives the song the female perspective and her Badu touch. Check it out.

Erykah Badu, back with . . . “Phone Down” & New Album

Ms. Badu is back with another one . . .

I love this women’s creative spirit. She’s definitely RnB & Soul’s best right now and holding it down. When I first heard her rendition of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. I was a little floored. Cause she made it even more dope than what it was. I know what it was . . . that trax! Some people front on it, but that joint is hot. Now this “Phone Down” joint, takes the cake. My son got into the car one morning and switched the bluetooth to his phone then started playing it. In the inside I was like, oh sh**! Turn that up, Lol. Yeah, I’m feeling that joint. BUT STOP THE PRESSES . . . How ironic!

I follow Erykah Badu on Periscope and just now while I’m typing this post, she goes live. So I pause to peep what she has going on. Lord and behold. She tells the fans that she has a burnout phone, Lol. (she’s such a b-girl) So it appears she’s walking out of a hotel room and gets into an elevator. As she reaches the outside of the hotel. She informs us that she has hidden the phone number to this burnout phone she holding in her hand within the cover art of the latest singles. So it’s like thousands of people along with me and my son now trying to figure out what it is. All of a sudden, the phone rings. One of the fans has already figured it out. Erykah said hello! The female fan can’t believe her ears. “Is this Ms. Badu?” She responds, “yes.” Me and my son look at each other, in amazement. The number works! Now more people have figured it out and are calling as well, while we’re still trying to figure out the number. After an hour, we gave up. Lol But it sounded like over 30 people got through to holla at the queen. Now that’s dope! How creative was that. She’s taking this phone thing to an whole other level. Wish we would’ve gotten through tho. Sucks. Luv you Ms. Badu. Keep making that real soul/hiphop lady.


Erykah Badu - phonedown

Erykah Badu | “Phone Down” | But You Caint Use My Phone (mixtape)