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New Trax Series: Smoke Nstrumentalz

Good afternoon world . . .

I hope all is well with you and yours this afternoon.

Just finished uploading 2 new traxx to the store. These traxx come from the maddvault. I was searching through some old folders and came across these two, they stuck out to me. So I decided to start a new series with them called, Smoke Nstrumentalz. Check them out. One leaning more on the side of trap, but with a r&b edge to it. I’m only doing a lease for this trax. Due to the fact I no longer have the splits for the trax. Just the 32bit wav. You can peep it now down below. The other one is more on the pop side, for a vocalist. Yet I can hear someone rapping to it as well. You be the judge. One of them should speak to you. Other than that, gearing up to compose another trax. If I finish it I will upload later today . . . “If the last few days, weeks, years or decades haven’t worked out well, you get a re-do, starting now. Make it count.” (RM)

New Trax and Free Download . . .

S7NLEE’s first trax for the new up-coming reel, MADDTRAXX V`40.