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About to go live on Perisope

About to fool with this one-shot sample with Maschine. Should be live around or by 5pm central time. Let’s see who’s watching.

Cyber Monday Sale

Buy one of my traxx, non-exclusive or exclusive and choose another one for free! Today only. Sale over at midnight.

It’s Snowing In Chicago

Good Morning World . . .

Still haven’t been to sleep yet. Been up tweeking the site. I added a “Music Service Fees” tab/page. But man, I am tire. Looked out side 30mins ago and I see a little snow coming down. It’s been snowing all night, far as I know. So not ready for the snow, but hey what can you do. I will upload some more traxx today to the trax store. Stay tune . . . “Spend your time focusing on whatever lifts you up, and you won’t waste your days hiding from what brings you down.” (RM) | Luv

We Open! | S7NLEE.COM

Good afternoon world . . .

I hope all is well with you and yours.

Pretty geeked right now. My site is finally live. We had some issues this morning, but we got them ironed out. I think I have 5 more traxx to add to the beat store, to complete MADDTRAXX V`40. I’ve already started on MADDTRAXX V`41, and I still have to upload the second free trax. Of which I’m gonna create a new trax for that today. Check back later for that. Enjoy the site and the rest of yours day . . . “Reach beyond the familiar. Venture into the unknown. Explore some of the possibilities that extend in all directions from this moment.” (RM)  | Luv