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One of the many MADDTRAXX on deck at S7NLEE.COM.


MADDTRAXX V`53, Is Complete

Sep 25, 2020 by admin - 0 Comments

Maddtraxx V`53   is now completed. I’ve already started on V`54. The majority of titles for this series will be titled after the Egyptian Gods. Got this joint titled, “Osirus”. Not sure if it will be the one to kick the volume off. It’s a banger too. Maybe more suited for r&b. Because of its arrangement. I believe I put a bridge in it. Lol

Stay tuned. New MADDTRAXX V`54 premiering Friday, Oct 2nd.

Preview V`53 again.



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New heat on deck at S7NLEE.COM Two new joints just hit the store. Something for the rappers and singers. Let’s create.

New MaddTraxx | V`53

Aug 15, 2020 by admin - 0 Comments

Finally starting to upload the new maddtraxx to the beat store. Was delayed due to some issues involving the new WordPress and one of my plugins. Just posted the first two.

Be creative in that moment | S7NLEE.COM

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New MADDTRAXX | Preferred Clients

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If you received an email from me last night with this pic. You should’ve heard all the new MADDTRAXX coming to the beat store this Saturday. This is for my preferred clients. Ask me how you can be included.

And if not, don’t wait any longer! You know it’s first come, first served. Posting up 13 new MADDTRAXX. If they all make it to Saturday . . . Lol


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