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My New Album, theDream Academy is here!

This album is dedicated to BLUE & PRINCE. 2 years Nda making of many nights of writing these monumental songs. I like 2 think PRINCE was a real driving force 4 me N completing the album. Always reminding me to get 2 work and 2 stay diligent 2da task. It’s 4 this reason why I’m showing homage 2 him by designing my album cover art based off his 1990 album and soundtrack cover, GRAFITTI BRIDGE. With him and artist, Ingrid Chavez displayed on the cover.

Nda movie PRINCE played himself. A musician, and actually this movie was a continuance 2 Purple Rain. Nda the movie he was at a crossroad if U will. Debating on his course N life. Questioning the music he was making and looking 2 God 4 answers. I felt the same when decided 2 move forward with this project. I was thinking I needed 2 try something different this year. So I thought, why don’t I do what I always wanted 2do when I first chose 2get N2 music? And that was 2B a singing recording artist. I’ve always done background vocals on many songs but never at the level of recording my own solo album. Coming out with an album with me completely singing lead on the entire project. This would B a first, and N addition I thought now would definately B the time 4me 2 do it. Even though I was questioning it prior. “Like, why now?” I thought that too, but then something Nside me replied, “Why not now!” and here I am.

The whole experience was something very special. I learned a little something about myself Nda process. This album was a dream and I’m making it come true. Mostly composed of love songs. There R a few exceptions. Some songs R about self love, self improvement. (“theUniverse Is Talking”, “Dreams”) One of my favorites is “MindFree”. A song about detaching from worldly things and ways. Just some of the highlights from the album. “Dreams” features longtime friend and singer, SWAYLO. When I received her vocals back, because she recorded herself at her own home studio. I didn’t know what 2 expect 2b honest. Because this Queen is so incredibly talented. I mainly was looking 4 her 2 join me on the hook, but N return she did way more than the hook, Lol. N sound . . . the Queen displayed Broadway brilliance on the song 2me. Her performance is so Beautiful. A must listen.

This album is packed with many timeless features. “theUniverse Is Talking” featuring RHYTHM is another one. Me and RHYTHM go way back. I think I’ve known this Queen since 1997.  Back when I was doing production 4 her and J IVY at DUPEE PRODUCTIONS. And out of my many projects Nda past. I’ve never really done anything with the Queen since R days at DUPEE PRODUCTIONS. I’ve done songs with J IVY but not with RHYTHM. I always knew the concept 4 this song and I wanted 2 collab with someone who was unique. And wala . . . that’s when I thought about RHYTHM. And 2 add 2 that, I wanted RHYTHM 2B sum sort of album narrator. So she is also featured on “SYCHRONICITY’ and “THIS IS SYCHRONICITY”.

Ultimately theDREAM ACADEMY is an soundtrack to a animated film I’m producing. Putting my animated skills 2da test. I’m telling a love story with these songs. A story of love, self discovery and the challenges one faces when doing so. The most expensive gift that God blessed everyone with is the mind. Where everything is created, dreamed, and thought of.  A lot of the story I’m adopting from GRAFFITI BRIDGE as well. theDREAM ACADEMY also features collaborations with my brothers, MAC MILLIE (“LOVELINESS”), FITZPTHEO (“SYCHRONICITY” & “GET THE FEELING”), DVID X (“GET THE FEELING”), and KINGCHAZ (“iWANNA BE”). I believe ur gonna dig something off this album. Streaming on all platforms. Composed and produced by yours truly. Go give it listen and come back here and let me know what U thought of it Nda comments.

Gratitude, S7NLEE

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